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May 10, 2010

“ Check out our new website_SaveEnergy123.com ”

Please visit our new website, SaveEnergy123.com.

Solar Power 101: Photovoltaic Systems
Alternative Energy
Plug-in Hybrid Suburban
• Do It Yourself: Free Stuff 2
Do It Yourself
• U.S. Presidents discuss ending dependence
Candidates Speak
• What is Endependence.info
Alternative Energy
Youthing Essentials
Information for a vibrant, healthy and active lifestyle
Heating And Air Conditioning Cost Calculator
How much can you save with a new Heater or Air Conditioner?
• This Is the Reality of Clean Coal
• Energy Star Community Challenge
• Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Government Incentives
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How does endependence.info work?
Endependence.info is a Local Action Network providing useful information customized to your area to move us toward energy independence and to end dependence on polluting fuels. We make it easy to get energy audits & consultant services that help people, businesses and government find solutions to the growing problem of energy dependence and its impact on our future. Endependence.info is designed to make it easy to find information about energy issues and solutions to energy challenges. We are dedicated to featuring innovative, action-oriented solutions to help us move to a clean, renewable energy economy.

Individuals and organizations that are consumers of energy may want to conserve energy in order to reduce energy costs and promote economic security. The more we use renewable energy, the more we benefit the environment, strengthen our energy security, create jobs locally, and help to shockproof our economy. Endependence.info encourages people, businesses and government to work together locally to find market solutions that are proven to work in their neighborhoods. Global Warming and Energy Challenge Solution Technology are some of the main topics addressed here. Videos and Products related to energy saving measures can be viewed on the site and participation from people is encouraged to share the ways they save energy in the Declaration of Endependence section.

If you have a question about any energy issue, visit Endependence.info! You can go from a 30,000 foot view down to street level to find solutions to your energy challenges using our RESEARCH, SELECTION and ACTION sections. Then you can close the loop by telling us how you save energy in the Declaration of Endependence section. If you would like more information about energy related issues and their solutions, contact us.

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